Friday, February 12, 2010

Sandwich on Italian Bread

Mmmm, pretty ordinary. Just a sandwich! On Italian bread. Looks similar to French bread, but softer.
I've made a couple of things lately that I'd already posted, and yesterday there was no time for anything but a sandwich!  So here's a pic.  No recipe, lol, I'm sure you can make your own.


Sara said...

We sometimes make these, only we toast it. We have used ham slices and provolone cheese, and they are SO GOOD! :)

Marty said...

I know! And it would've been a prettier picture if it had the grill marks like a panini. I just happen to prefer them not toasted. Usually.
And sadly, I was out of provolone... =(

panini: a traditional, small Italian sandwich filled with meat, cheese, grilled vegetables, etc., and usually toasted.

Okay, now I want one! At least my bread was Italian, lol.