Friday, February 5, 2010

Diaper Cake!

Well, this cake is not edible. 
It's a diaper cake! Beautiful isn't it? 
My mother-in-law and I made it.  I can't remember how many diapers we used - it was over six years ago, but I'll explain it the best I can.
~We used white diapers, not patterned.
~I know we used size 2 diapers.  That way the mother could wait a little while before taking it apart.
~We opened the diapers and wound them around length-ways.  I used a piece of masking tape to attach one overlapping diaper to the next, since I didn't think that would stick to the diaper as much and ruin it.  Seems like I stuck the tape to my skirt first to reduce the stickiness.  We did this until the last layer, where the tape would be seen, then I think we used a loop of inside-out tape under the edge of the diapers.  Prob only 4 or 5 diapers on that last row.
~We used ribbon on the top and bottom edges on the bottom and middle levels, and this helped the last layer of diapers stay put.

Here's what we used as decorations:
  • about 3 dozen rosebuds (different shades) already fastened to thin wire.  These we bent the sharp ends over and pushed between the last 2 layers of diapers on each level, and bunched 3 together at the top.
  • Small strings of beads, looped over the rosebuds, and hung in a U shape
  • Beaded, lacy ribbon around the top and bottom edges of each level.  This helped the hanging beads stay in place.  I'm sure we used tiny bits of tape here under the ribbon, too.
  • Extra lace that was wider, that we pushed under the edge of the bottom level, and affixed to the pan it was on with small pieces of tape
  • pair of black shiny shoes
  • comb and brush set tied with ribbon
  • $1.00 wrapped in ribbon
  • lacy socks
  • pink toothbrush tied with ribbon
  • fork and spoon set tied with ribbon
  • translucent pale pink teether
  • several light pink hairbows at the base of the top level
  • tiny doll for the topper
~In the top level of the cake, we folded the diapers in half length-ways, because the regular width of the diaper was too tall.
We started with the bottom level, and kept wrapping until we got it nearly the size of the pan.  It's a silver pizza pan, and you can barely see it under the edge of the lace.
Then we did the middle until we got it to size, then the top.
~It's good if you have a slim dowel rod or something to go down through the middle to keep the levels lined up, and so the top ones won't fall off. 
~We just positioned the doll topper and shoes as the main accessories, then filled in the other pieces by carefully pushing between the layers of diapers.
We probably used a little tape to keep the socks, shoes, and the doll topper in place.
~Remember, your accessories need to have a little color.  The white socks have a little dark mauve in the lace.  You can have everything lacy and dainty, or go more colorful, or more boyish. 
The Mom-to-be that received it said she was going to have a hard time taking it apart!
This was definitely not a quick project, but it was worth it.
I just LVE this picture!

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